14-03-2018 Circulation System Update 14032018
19-03-2018 Commonwealth Games Pins

Circulation System Update 14032018

News Corp is planning an update to our Start/Stop notifications. This update is planned for Wednesday 14th of March 2018. We do not believe that this will require any change to systems as it just replaces a # number with a sequential number but should you have any concerns with these updates please contact your Account Management 1: Sequential Numbering of Start Stop Messages: News Corp is releasing a minor change to the current Start/Stop notification by placing sequential #'s per store (Account) on the notifications in iServices by utilising "Reference Number" which is displayed on iServices and on Start/Stop document (iServices /Fax/Email). Starting from number “1”, we would then see the reference number increase by one whenever start/stop document is produced/available for an agent/account. (Note: Not all agents receive start/stop documents daily, so if an agent does not have any notification for a particular day, the next time notification is available, the reference number should increase by one). WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? We recently concluded a national newsagent review across each of the 4 major states with representatives from the agent channels. A common challenge was, newsagents getting confused with "Reference Number" appearing in iServices and Start/Stop notifications. WHAT IS CHANGING? We are changing "Reference Number" to be in a sequential order to make it easy for the agents to access Start/Stops. Example is attached. Please note there is no change to the format of the notifications or data files.


Current attachment: Circulation_System_Update_1803141.docx (53.01 kb)

Commonwealth Games Pins

Pins portal will open for returns on Sunday 15th April 2018, and close on Sunday, 29th March 2018. Portal instructions have been attached.


Current attachment: Comm_Games_Portal_Instructions.docx (1742.56 kb)


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